1929 Ford Hot Rod For Sale

This sweet traditional style Hot Rod checks all the boxes.
Timeless looks, nice quality and condition and a blast to drive.

The red Kelsey Hayes wires witch chrome spokes, the big and little tire combo,
the jet black paint and blazing hot flames...this is the Dictionary icon image of a Hot Rod.

The car was built a number of years ago in the mid west and it came
to Califoirnia as soon as it was done.
The car has been minimally driven and always garage stored and it still looks sweet.

This was an all new build, using a high quality glass 29 body, aluminum
louvered hood and 32 Ford grille.

Fit and finish is very nice and the flames and striping are very nicely done.

Interior is done in a great blood red color.
Wiring and all switches are functional.

The top is a removeable "Carson" style unit that un-clips easily and comes off for open air motoring.

The seats and panels are done in a very supple leather and look fantastic.


Dash is nicely pinstriped and loaded with classic Stewart Warner instruments.

The top is in excellent shape in tan canvas.
Remember...this is a Carson top...not a folding top.

Letterbox style rear window .

Fuel cap in the rear cowl.

Very clean striping work!

Blue dot taillights.

Check out the nicely done "female form" striping work around the license plate!
Clean California title...registered as a 29 Ford.

I love the look of these fenderless rods...no frills, lots of thrills...just too cool.

NSRA sticker in the windshield.

Very "Watson style" flame work.

The drivetrain is the classic small block Chevy 350 with an automatic trans.
More than enough power, and fantastic reliability and serviceability.

The car has really not been driven much at all since it was completed.
There are a couple of stone chips here and there and only the most minor wear.
The tires have excellent tread with little sign of use.

The ride height is at a very comfortable level...not a ground scraping rat rod...this is one you can run!

Fantastic Racemaster tires out back...check out that flat track style tread pattern!

I will snap a couple engine photos shortly and will pop the top off for a shot or two as well.
I will post them here when I have them.
If there are any particular images you would like to see...please just ask and I will get them to you.

Suspension is all quite clean and shiny.

Undersider of the car has a light layer of dust from driving...but is clean and shiny.

Love this shot... the 32 Ford grille, the flames, the louvers...cant get much better than this!

One of the best parts about this car is that it is not a wallet buster.
In a world of  mega dollar hot rods, this is a car that will fit right in with the crowd
with an investment of about the same coin as buying a silly new PT Cruiser at the local dealer.
And which one will you feel cooler being seen in?


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