1939 McLaughlin Buick Limousine For Sale

This is a truly special car.
This Canadian built Buick was produced by McLaughlin.

The McLaughlin story is a very interesting one.
The firm started in the carriage business in 1869.
The McLaughlin patented 5th wheel design was a big hit
and by 1898 they were producing as many as 25,000 carriages a year.

In 1899 tragedy struck and a fire wiped out the carriage works.
The city of Oshawa where the factory was located knew it had to help and
lent the works the money needed to rebuild the factory.
By 1915 production was really cranking with a new carriage rolling off the line every 10 minutes.

In 1907 the son of the founder ventured into the motorcar business.
Lacking the ability to produce the engines for the cars after their engine designer fell ill,
a 15 year contract with Buick in Michigan was established to provide the needed power plants.
Sam McLaughlin's friend William Durant was the main man at Buick at the time
and not long after Durant and McLaughlin along with Charles Stewart Mott started what would become
the General Motors company that we know today.

McLaughlin and Buick go way back and the Canadian produced cars were always a source of great pride
for the country.  With Canada still under British control, when the Royal Family would visit,
they would always roll out the best the factory could build to cart them around.

In 1927 two identical specially designed four door touring cars were built for the Royal Tour of Canada,
one to be shipped ahead to the next city while the other was in use. This leap-frog approach made it look seamless to the viewers.

In 1936 the Prince of Wales purchased a McLaughlin Buick for his personal use.

In 1939 in preparation for the Royal Tour of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth , two special
phaeton bodied Buicks were constructed, one of which later carried Prince Charles and Diana on their 1986 visit to Canada.

This car was built at the same time as the famous Phaetons and was reportedly used in the motorcade
of the 1939 Royal Tour.  In footage of the visit in ever city there can be seen a whole parade of vehicles
carrying dignitaries, following along behind the Royal couple. 
While there is certainly a chance that the King and Queen had a ride in the comfy back seat, this is not documented.
The car however has been displayed and promoted as a part of the Royal entourage
in public at places such as the Spruce Goose museum and reportedly Epcot center as well according to the owner.

Being a formal limousine, the drivers compartment is upholstered in a durable austere material
with a divider window separating the "working class" from the posh passengers.

Out back it is all class and comfort with plush cloth materials, a foot rest, flip out jump seats
and an intercom to relay requests to the servant up front.

The most spectacular attribute of this particular car in my eyes is its condition and originality.
This car is a true survivor and is unrestored with all original finish and materials.

The car is located in sunny southern California in the hands of a collector.
It has California Worlds Fair 1939 plates on it, but the owner also has
period Canadian plates as well as the flags of Canada and England as seen in the parade footage
of the Royal visit in 1939.

It is a stunning car and definitely the top of the line model for the era.
Dual side mounted spares , the extended wheelbase, this car has a presence to be sure.

We will be working on some more detailed shots of the car soon, but these preliminary images
will give you a good idea as to what we are dealing with here.