Rare Porsche "Junior" Diesel Tractor


This is the one to have, the rare, diminutive "Junior" model!
Incredibly cute, small and easy to haul, use and store.

The condition is really really nice on this one...ready for the showroom!

Power plug for a trailer or accessories

Fashionable fenders with cool taillights

Simple controls

Great look

Comfy seat

And it is a PORSCHE!

All the tags are present

Such a great nose!

Great profile

Very clean

Fuel tank

Single cylinder air cooled diesel

Original tags

Excellent tires

Nice gloss to the paint

One headlight lens does have a crack

Such a wonderful face!

In closing this is as cute as a tractor gets...especially a Porsche tractor!
You want the ultimate addition to your ranch or showroom collection...this baby is it.
It is small and easy to handle, and is in fantastic shape!


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or email oldbug@earthlink.net