1969 Aston Martin DBS - 6 For Sale

This 1969 Aston Martin DBS is a fantastic car. Clean in appearance, yet still showing a bit of it's heritage
and 40 years of loving use and care. Mechanically very strong, always garaged and well maintained.
Colorful history including well known UK based actor ownership.
Same model as used by James Bond in the 1969 film "On Her Magesty's Secret Service".
Very desireable early model with the venerable in-line 6 cylinder engine and manual transmission.

The car is a very attractive model, fairly uncommon on the roads of the US.
This example is thought to have been originally delivered in Los Angeles and has been here ever since.

California state inspection sticker from 1972 helps establish this long time California heritage.

The early model DBS such as this with the 6 cylinder engine were produced in small numbers
and the V8 models filled in the latter range of production of this bodystyle.
The 6 cylinder models seem to be more in demand for their realiabiliy and when mated to the manual transmission
makes for a very nice driver.

The full width grille is unique to the model but the raised center section keeps the Aston flavor quite in view.

Hood emblem

the hood scoop give the car some muscle appearance wise

And the side grilles are another Aston Martin signature style attribute.

Rear knock off wire wheels...no self respecting sports car should be without them.
Wrapped in Pirelli's finest, the P6000 Sport Veloce.

Great bodylines to the car and the way they catch the light is inspiring.
Despite being 40 years old...the design is pure and timeless.

The open road and a silver Aston Martin...what could be better than this?

The car overall is very clean and presentable.
It is not a concours level vehicle, but as well preserved original that is ready for driving adventure.
The exterior has been resprayed, but everything else appears to be original.
It has a nice light patina to it that feels comfortable and speaks of it's history.

Fuel fillers on each side of the car make for easy fill ups.

Dual exhaust hasd a wonderful distinctively British note to it.

Glass is in good condition and visability is good.

A peek inside the cockpit...

The interior of the car appears to be entirely original.
There is a bit of aging to the leather hides, but they are still holding strong and are comfortable and welcoming.

Some age cracks and expected wear to the edges...one could re-dye them perhaps, but the wear to me seems attractive.
Who has been in this seat, and where have they gone in this car?

The dashboard is very well appointed and is in great shape.

The woodgrain facia adds some class to the dash.

the Smiths instruments are clean and easy to read.

Odometer reads 71,379 miles at the time of these photos...quite probably original mileage
but this is not documented. Current owner has owned the car for a few years and has driven it
very minimally...perhaps a bit over 1000 miles. It is now up for sale to make room for other toys.

Horn button

5 speed gearbox is very well suited for driving in today's world.
I spent a good couple hours driving the car in all levels of traffic in the Southern California landscape.
from bumper to bumper on the 405, to the empty twisting two lanes of the back country.
It behaved excellent and except for a bit of warmth from the floor into the drivers spot on a hot California
day and a whiff of exhaust fume when sitting in traffic, it was a delightful adventure.

Ignintion key and accessory switches.

Passenger side footrest

headliner in very nice shape.

Rear seat is also in fine shape

Door panels holding up nicely as well.

Hop on in and drive!!

Trunk area is clean...

Spare tire and wheel are covered, as is the battery.

Battery box with strap is pure British charm...battery tender is pure British necessity when the car is stored for a time.

Jack and tools and the hammer and wrench to remove the knock off wheels.

Peeking through the hole in the cover the spare wheel looks to be in nice shape.

So pretty

Lets look under the bonnet shall we?

The original 6 cylinder dual overhead cam engine is the venerable favorite... classic in style
and design, very nich like the Jags of the era...
Engine room is pretty clean and dry, but not detailed to be that way.

The engine runs smooth and the car drives nicely.

Three SU carbs feed the air and fuel into the machine...

Well that is good to know...

here's the data plate, chassis and engine number.

On the road...the view from the driver's seat...

And to add to the allure of the car, it is a celebrity owned vehicle!
The handsome gent with the butt on the fender is none other than actor Ewan McGregor.

A better shot of the man and his machine.
For a bit of info on Ewan and his films...visit the following link.

Title is in Mr McGregor's name, so his ownership is documented for those that are into that sort of thing.

Back to the car... it is a good solid example from dry Southern California.
It has been well maintained by loving owners and is a turn key driver as it sits.
An affordable vintage Aston Martin that will make a fine addition to any collection.


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