1962 MGA 1600 Mk2 For Sale

The MGA is really about as iconic of a British sports car as there is in my opinion.
The look, the sound, the smell, all of it adds up to a very fun and unique driving experience
that I think every "gearhead" needs to try one at some point in their lives.

This MGA, is a 1962 1600 Mark 2 model,
the last of the breed before the MGB came in , and many say it is the most refined and best of the model run.
Updates like the disc front brakes and larger engine in this model make it a very usable car in today's world.
It can easily keep up in traffic and is a sporting handler in the twisty country roads.
And this car has been upgraded further with added performance and an overdrive transmission!

This particular car has undergone a complete nut and bolt restoration to a very high standard
and it has been fully sorted and driven regularly, even a recent cross country drive!

Gorgeous car inside and out...and it has some additional fun history behind it.

The car is owned by actor Ewan McGregor

Here is the man himself with the car. He truly loves it but is simply out of garage space
and is ready to see it off to a new owner that will hopefully enjoy it as much as he has.

And boy has he had some serious fun with it!
He bought the car in 2014 and just before filming of "Miles Ahead" , a biography of musician Miles Davis
with Don Cheadle in Cincinnati Ohio, he had the car shipped to New York so he could use it while there.
When production started, he and his faithful dog hopped in the MG for the drive from New York.
After production was finished, he hopped in the car and aimed west solo for LA.

There is nothing that clears a man's head like the open road in front of him.
And with 3000 miles there was a lot of time to exhale.

Ewan posted several photos of the trip on social media.
Running out of gas in Utah made some waves in the news as a helpful female motorcyclist came to his rescue
on a desolate stretch of highway. (Click Here for the story)
It was even a topic of conversation on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon

The trip was a personal one, not done as a publicity stunt or anything like that...Ewan is the consumate gearhead and
he loves a good adventure.  He pushed the little MG through it's paces on the trip,
and made it nearly all the way home , finally conking out in Death Valley with another overheated coil 
and calling the tow truck for the final run into LA.
(The coil by the way was overheating due to being mounted too close to the engine...it has now been relocated and the problem is solved)

The car is a fantastic driver with a crisp exhaust note and very smooth shifting and tight handling.
It is obvious that the car was well done just by the feedback it gives you in the driver's seat.
Not only does this car look fantastic...it runs just as good as it looks.

The color combination is fantastic and the paint and body quality is top shelf.
Very smooth body lines and finish.

Chrome is excellent, lights and lenses are like new

Clean California title and current registration.

All lights are functioning properly.

Gorgeous car

The restoration was done by an expert in the world of MGAs as a personal project
starting with an extremely solid original "barn find" and working from the ground up!

Level of detail is high in all the deep corners

Side curtains are carefully wrapped up in the back.

Full tonneau cover as well

Car cover comes with it too

The top is as-new and has been put up only a few times.

The dash is superb and very well trimmed

Seats are excellent, the leather soft and supple.

Windshield is in like new condition.

This was a ground up restoration and the underside is still very clean with minimal signs of use.
This has not been cleaned since the road trip and you can see it still looks fantastic.
If you are the type to detail your chassis for shows and such...this one would respond well to those efforts.

Excellent underneath

Tires are in great shape on the stock steel wheels

So pretty

The engine has been upgraded from stock , starting with a 1600cc block
from an MGB model , pumped out to 1800cc with a performance cam and head work.
 It is well tuned and fully detailed.
Dual SU carburetors, very responsive and it hums along the road singing a very sweet song.
An overdrive transmission has been fitted as well, so with a pull of the stock fog light switch
the gearing changes for a perfect highway cruising speed.

All the proper tags and details under the hood

Very clean

All emblems and details are in place and are in excellent condition.

Really a beautiful car inside and out...this is not a car that has been fluffed up for resale,
this was a skilled restorer and MG enthusiast that went all the way and did it proper.

More underside shots...it is easy to see that no stone was left un-turned with this build.

Can you picture yourself in the drivers seat?
I can speak from experience...it is a very fun place to be.

So...what do you think...do you want to be the next lucky owner of Ewan's MG?

Place your bids!


For more info CALL
951 767 1600
or email oldbug@earthlink.net

Vehicle is being sold as-is with no warranty expressed or implied.

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