1986 Honda City Turbo II For Sale

This is a very very rare car to find in the US.
A full Japanese-spec, Honda City Turbo II.
Super clean original condition, complete with the folding Motocompo motorcycle in the back
and best of all, it is US titled and registered.

The Turbo II was the factory "hot rod" model of the Honda City.
One of the first (and only) production Honda cars with a turbo-charger.

The car is small in size but not insanely so...I would say it is roughly the size of
the modern Honda "Fit" models that are out on the road today.

Its a cute little machine.

And the folding motorcycle in the back is the conversation starter.
The concept was in crownded cities like Tokyo, where parking is at a premium,
one could park as close as possible to work and ride the Motocompo in the rest of the way.
The little bike is fully equipped with lights and mirrors and horn and such.

It simply folds up tight in the back of the car.

Seat and handlebars pop up...and you are ready to ride!

Being a Japanese spec car, it is also right hand drive...which is a great bit of fun on the US roadways.
Really a fun driver!

Underneath the car is is very solid and quite clean.

Never rusted or wrecked, the car has minimal miles on it.

Very solid indeed

Under the engine is nice and dry as well

The car is complete with all the original manuals and paperwork.
Fantastic illustrations and details amongst it all.
(I have no clue what it all says!)

All of it is here and all in fantastic condition.

The Motocompo is in nice shape as well.
It is a good runner and rider.

All the original decals and instructional bits are present.

Love that massive exhaust pipe!

Tires are in nice shape, wheels are clean.

Engine is a 50cc, fun to ride.

The handlebars fold down into the body and the seat as well pushes down.
A cover locks over the bars and center.

There is a crack in the bodywork at the back of the Motocompo body


The rear view mirro can be seen in this image as well...it folds up and locks in place.

Fuel tank with gauge

It tucks right back in here nice and tight.

The black vinyl thing on the trunk floor is a storage pouch for the removable sunroof.

Folded flat and ready for storage.

Up front is a 1300cc Turbocharged 4 cylinder engine.
The car runs great and is a reliable driver.

The car has an assigned vin number from the state of New Hampshire.

Factory numbers still in place.

Very clean under hood...very good runner.

Interior is in great shape as well, dash is clean and complete.

Odometer reads in Kilometers, 72k original since new.

5 speed transmission.

Storage box under the radio

Dash top storage is refrigerated for keeping drinks cold!!

Headliner is clean, seats are nice.

One small split in the seam on the top of the back seat.

4 seater


Sunroof and wind deflector

Sunroof panel pops up and also will pop out for open air motoring.

Car shows well inside and out.

Japan spec plates for display and show purposes.
The car is registered and tagged in the state of Florida.
(currently located in Miami)

Graphics are in great shape.

Glass is excellent.

Fog lights

Such a cutie!

This is a rare opportunity indeed.
There are only 4 of these known in the US today, and this is one of only two that are street registered
and drivable.  With early Japanese cars on the upswing in the collector car world today, rarities like this
are being sought after and held tight by wise collectors. Its not something you will find available for sale any time soon.
Finding one of these in ANY condition is going to be tough, finding one that is this clean and this original is impossible!


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