1931 Model A Victoria For Sale

We recently listed a very nice little 31 Vicky and after the sale a gentleman emailed us and said he had one to sell as well!
And here it is!
This is a 31 model that has had some minor upgrades over the years, and it is a very good running and driving car.
It is located in San Bruno California.

The car has been upgraded with juice brakes from a 1940 Ford and the engine is a B model
so it has a bit more "go" and a bit more "stop" than a stock example.

The interior is well dressed with the faux woodgrain on the dash and some detail painting and pin stripes.
Very clean interior.

Headliner is excellent, nice roll down shade on the back window.

Seats are in excellent shape.

Not 100% "stock" but certainly presentable and pretty.

The most attractive part about the car is that it is the desirable Voctoria body style which is pretty hard to find.
The rear mounted spare and the "bustle" in the back...you gotta love it.
The car has black California plates that hint to it's long life here in the land of the sun.

The car has a few nice accessories on it such as the steps and the hood ornament.
The whitewall tires are a bit discolored with age but have plenty of tread.

The vent wings are another nice accessory, and these have some glass etching .
The padded top is holding up well but is a little lump along the side as tey tend to get over the years.

Great looking car in wonderful colors.
Nice to see the stock headlamps and horn in place.

Great car overall...not a show winner, but a good honest older restoration that still gets very strong attention
wherever you bring it. The changes made to it  from stock are very minimal and do not detract from the overall look.
Its never been "hot rodded" like so many of these have.
The paint is in nice shape, the body solid and smooth and those "apple green" wheels just make me smile.

The engine is  a very good running "Model B" from a 32-34 model Ford.
Purrs like a kitten and the car drives very well.
The 1940 "juice" brakes are a very good upgrade as well in today's world!

Here's a shot of the driver's compartment...picture yourself here with a big ol smile and people waving at you!

On the rear valance are some aftermarket add on reverse lights, but that is about it as for as non original equipment on the exterior.

In closing this looks like a great little car.
You simply dont come across many stock Victoria models these days and this one looks like a great catch.


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